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Common Questions

What is BDS Nation?

BDS Nation is a radio distribution company that provides radio distribution over 90,000 radio stations, radio professionals, DJs and more. We provide access to thousands of major and independent artists who use our network to gain airplay with virtually every radio station in the US and global radio markets.

Is BDS Nation for me?

Absolutely! BDS Nation’s service is for any band or artist who is ready to take his or her music to the next level! Our mission is to bring quality music to the airwaves. We simply ask that our users only submit serious music through our distribution network. This ensures members are given the best opportunities to get airplay.

Do I keep all rights to my music?

Yes, BDS Nation's users keep all rights to their music. We encourage users to be educated on how to get paid from the music they labor so hard to produce. In order to help our members, and independent artists in particular, we have made many resources available regarding music rights and royalties.

What are the song requirements?

Submission requirements for all songs: mp3 format (256kbps or up); must be original (cleared samples); professionally mixed, mastered, and edited for radio (no vulgarity, etc); must be no longer than 5 mins; also should be accompanied by submission info (found in your account settings area).

Do you have setup fees or contracts?

There are no fees or contracts with BDS Nation. Create your trial account in seconds without entering a credit card. When you upgrade to a paid plan, you can choose the package that fits your budget.

Do all stations pay royalties?

Yes! All radio stations in our distribution network are registered with Nielsen BDS. We guarantee each of these stations pay royalties. We also offer distribution to non-royalty paying stations. However, you maintain the ability to track each project's airplay.

What types of stations will my music be distributed to?

US FM Stations (BDS, Billboard & Mediabase Charting); Europe FM Stations (Italy, France, Germany, London, Spain, UK); Satellite Radio (Sirius Airplay & Mediaguide/Radiowave Top 10 Charting); College Radio (Nation-wide US & CMJ Charting); Internet Radio (AOL, MTV, VH1, Yahoo, Live365); Record Pools (US & Europe); TV Programs; and Digital Radio.

What Genres/formats do you work with?

R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Adult Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Album Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Contemporary Christian, Modern Rock, & Spanish (including Latin Contemporary, and Top 40). We also distribute to exotic stations.

If you have specific questions about the radio formats we distribute to give us a call at +1-800-821-4171 or send us an email at: We'll be glad to answer your questions.

What paperwork do I need in order to send my music?

There are 3 ways to protect your intellectual and creative property which you should consider before or during your radio campaign:

1. We always advise having a copyright for your project filed or at least in the mail to the US copyright office (

2. In order to collect royalties from terrestrial radio you must be registered with Performance Rights Organizations such as BMI, ASCAP, or SESAC.

3. In order to collect royalties from satellite and internet radio you must be registered with SoundExchange.

All of these can be done during or after your campaign is started. All of Performance Rights Organizations protect and pay retroactively. However, we do recommend that you have a firm plan to complete all three steps for your protection and to receive your royalties.

What can BDS Nation do for me or my band?

BDS Nation is not just a distribution service, but also a valuable networking tool. Start a viral movement centered around your record, build a solid fan base and generate a buzz (a.k.a. "create a hit"). Increase music sales (online, in-store, etc). Attract publishing opportunities (tv, commercials, etc). Build credibility as a serious artist.

Membership allows you to approach record labels for distribution and deals (radio play is usually a requirement now). BDS Nation will open doors for joint ventures with sponsors and partners. We will help you promote and build an audience for upcoming shows. Revitalize old records that were never properly promoted (Note: music is only old to those who have heard it.) BDS Nation members are constantly growing as artists, and we are always excited to hear of the new opportunities and possibilities that our service has made available to them.